Why we use Zen Internet

The internet problem

Back in 2017, my dear wife and lovely children kept complaining about our sluggish internet speed. I noticed occasionally that our service could be slow. Still, I would always say, “come on guys, it’s 7 PM, what do you expect!?”.

It didn’t really affect me. I’m usually coding until the early hours – I only use Spotify, email, and a handful of websites!
So, my wife reminded me that she’s stuck with an IT nerd who can’t even improve our internet speed. So I started doing some research.

The solution

I had heard of Zen from being a computer nerd, but after some digging, I felt a bit embarrassed! Zen are a market leader – the only UK ISP recommended by Which Magazine. So, I migrated to Zen. The whole process was pretty straightforward. They updated me with progress emails at every stage.

The following morning, I needed to tinker with my router. I jumped on Speedtest and got 74mbps – I shrugged my shoulders and thought – big wow, I was getting this before. The test will be later when my kids use 27 devices simultaneously whilst Elaine is watching Netflix!

That evening, nothing. Not a single complaint.
I’m used to that, people will always tell you how bad something is, but they will never come and tell you how things have improved.

Over time, I noticed websites were quicker to load and anything that required streaming loaded without hesitation.
At this point, I became an Ambassador for Zen. I told people my story, reiterating that for a slight cost increase, you would get a much better service that doesn’t falter during peak times.

The ultimate test

During COVID, we faced the ultimate test. With all of us at home, the internet was no longer just a luxury. It became a necessary utility that was as important as other essential services, because without it we couldn’t work, our children couldn’t be homeschooled, and we wouldn’t have been able to communicate with our loved ones.

We are now Zen partners. We can handle your internet connection and be your point of contact for technical support. You don’t have to order Zen through us either, and you can go to them directly if you wish.