Send unwanted callers to Lenny

Unwanted calls can be a real problem, and it can be frustrating to constantly receive calls from telemarketers or scammers. Luckily, there is a solution that can help you get rid of these calls quickly and easily. Have you ever heard of Lenny?

Lenny, an innovative tool, seamlessly integrates into your phone system, striking fear into the hearts of unwanted callers everywhere. When you receive a call from an unwanted caller, simply transfer the call to Lenny. Lenny is essentially a series of pre-recorded voice clips of an elderly-sounding man. He responds to the telemarketer’s pitch with these clips, designed to keep the telemarketer engaged and waste their time.

Lenny’s voice clips follow a scripted pattern, sounding coherent yet deliberately repetitive, expertly guiding conversations in endless loops. For instance, Lenny might mention his third eldest daughter or express difficulty hearing the caller, prompting the telemarketer to repeat themselves. This wastes their time and makes it less likely that they will call you again.

Lenny is the solution you need to end the annoyance of unwanted calls. Thanks to Lenny, you no longer have to worry about telemarketers claiming to be from Microsoft or trying to sell you energy bills. Lenny is a great solution that can save you time and frustration. Give Lenny a try and have a good laugh!

Here is Lenny in action