Telephone Systems

Our telephone systems help you communicate with your team and clients seamlessly. This means you can focus on growing your business without any interruptions.

What telephone system do we use

Our telephone systems are built on the open-source framework called Asterisk. Asterisk essentially transforms an ordinary computer into a powerful communication server. Businesses, call centres, carriers, and governments widely use the system as the backbone of their communication systems.

What can Asterisk do?

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) (Press 1 for the Office, 2 for Accounts etc).
  • Record your calls
  • Play any hold music you like (subject to copyright).
  • Include any advertising or promotions in your hold music.
  • Automatically open and close according to your schedule.
  • Call conferencing.
  • Advanced call queues to manage high volumes of incoming calls with ease.
  • Provide a multitude of Voicemail options.
  • Work on your smartphone
  • Work as a softphone on your PC or Mac

Integrate the telephone system into our software

Our software can enhance the power of your telephone system by enabling users to click on phone numbers within the system to connect their phone to the number they have clicked automatically. Additionally, when receiving incoming calls, our software will automatically provide a caller ID lookup feature, allowing you to identify the caller before answering the call. Plus, if you use our free call recording feature, all calls will be automatically archived into our nursery software and associated with the caller, whether they are a parent, lead or staff member.

How much?

  • Most telephone systems’ pricing are typically based on desired features and required extensions, however with our service, a one-time flat fee covers installation and configuration.
  • We offer most features without additional costs, unlike other systems.
  • System costs remain constant, independent of features or extensions.

You can continue using your existing phones if you have an IP phone with SIP capability.