The Daily Register

Enhancing Childcare Administration: Simplified Check-Ins through Touchscreen Registers

The Touchscreen simplifies childcare management by offering more than just printing registers. It provides an up-to-date record for the current day, making organisation easy.

Simple Check-In and Out

Navigate the Touchscreen effortlessly to check children, staff, and visitors in and out. With a few taps, gain insights into their current location or departure time, making operations efficient and providing a clear overview of your childcare facility.

Streamlined Absence Tracking

Empower staff with simple processes. The Touchscreen enables marking children as absent directly through the register. By moving them from ‘Due In’ to ‘Absent,’ staff can conveniently add reasons, automatically updating both the child’s record and the Workstation Register.

Rapid Insights: The Touchscreen Log Advantage

The Touchscreen’s register is a straightforward tool for quick insights. A glance reveals who is present and who is yet to arrive, optimising daily childcare operations.

Real-Time Headcounts with Precision: Augment Efficiency via Touchscreen Registers

Implementing real-time child check-ins, the Touchscreen significantly reduces errors. Accurate headcounts are crucial for childcare facilities, and this feature ensures a precise, up-to-the-minute count, contributing to a secure and well-managed environment.

Integrating the Touchscreen into Your Childcare Facility

Incorporating the Touchscreen into your childcare facility not only brings enhanced efficiency but also boosts accuracy and simplicity in daily operations. Elevate your childcare management effortlessly with this innovative tool, transforming the way you oversee and streamline your facility.

This functionality is included in our Gold & Platinum packages.