Recording Nappies and Toilet trips

As a practitioner, keeping track of nappies and toilet records on paper can be time-consuming. This is where our touchscreen system comes into play. Our system simplifies the process by providing a user-friendly interface that allows practitioners to log nappy changes or toilet trips for all the children in the nursery with just a few taps. Additionally, practitioners can quickly note rash and barrier creams applied to the children, ensuring this information is never missed.

Our system documents and stores all nappy changes and toilet trips securely for future reference. We understand that parents should be kept informed about their children’s well-being. Therefore, our daily reports include all the recorded nappy changes and toilet trips. The reports are shared with parents, enabling them to stay informed about their child’s daily routine.

Furthermore, parents can receive real-time updates throughout the day by viewing reports on the Parent Portal Newsfeed. This enables parents to stay informed about their child’s daily routine and respond accordingly. Our system saves practitioners time and provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their children’s well-being is continually monitored.

In summary, our touchscreen system is an efficient and effective solution that promotes a healthy and secure environment for children while providing parents with real-time updates on their child’s daily activities.

This functionality is included in our Gold & Platinum packages.