Daily Reports

Maintaining a strong connection with parents and keeping them updated with their child’s daily activities is crucial. Nursery management software has emerged as a game-changer in this regard, offering real-time notifications and comprehensive daily reports. In this article, we shall take a look into how Octopus365 not only facilitates seamless communication but also enhances overall operations.

Real-time Notifications for Continuous Connection:

Octopus365 prioritises real-time communication, allowing practitioners to log daily activities instantly. This feature ensures that parents are consistently informed about their child’s experiences throughout the day.

From meals and naps to daily activities, the software enables nurseries to share updates effortlessly, fostering a strong sense of connection between parents and the nursery.

The Power of Daily Reports:

As each day wraps up and a child checks out, you can count on Octopus365 to automatically generate a comprehensive Daily Report. This report encapsulates all the logged information about the child’s activities, ensuring a detailed overview.

Convenience through Email and Parent Portal:

To enhance convenience further, Octopus365 automatically sends the generated daily reports directly to parents via email. This guarantees easy access to the information whenever they need it. Furthermore, Octopus365 uploads the reports to their Parent Portal account, creating a centralised hub for all essential information.


Nursery management software has transformed the operations of childcare centers, establishing a seamless communication channel between practitioners and parents. Through real-time notifications and automated daily reports, this not only strengthens the parent-nursery relationship but also embraces innovation for more efficient childcare management. Discover the future of childcare management with Octopus365, where we bring connectivity and efficiency together for a more streamlined experience.

This functionality is included in our Gold & Platinum packages.