Checking Children In and Out

Our Touchscreen offers a variety of features to help Practitioners easily check children in and out. Each child’s check-in can be done individually, providing Practitioners with the opportunity to add any additional information that may be relevant. This includes details such as medication requirements or previous injuries the child may have sustained at home.

Practitioners can use our Memo feature in the Workstation to view any important information that needs to be conveyed to parents or guardians. This feature can be used to share updates about the child’s day or pass on any specific instructions.

Throughout the day, our Practitioners can add check-in and out notes, which can be updated. These notes can be used to convey messages to parents or other Practitioners, ensuring clear communication throughout the day.

When it’s time for the child to be leave the nursery, the check-out screen displays a summary of all activities that were recorded throughout the day. Additionally, you can check out the child with an exclusion period of a specific number of hours. This is particularly useful when a child has been sent home due to illness.

In summary, our Touchscreen, Workstation, and check-in and check-out notes features offer comprehensive support for Practitioners. Enabling them to provide detailed care and clear communication with parents and guardians.

This functionality is included in our Gold & Platinum packages.