View your Availability with heat maps

Our platform offers two distinct heat map views—Availability and Density—for a comprehensive overview of nursery slot management. In the Availability view, open spaces can be easily identified during the AM/PM or spot peak capacity times. Meanwhile, the Density view visually represents the occupancy percentage, simplifying the understanding of current demand.

Comprehensive Availability Data Insights

Beyond basic availability tracking, heat maps allow for a deeper dive into comprehensive data analysis. Explore trends in availability, whether assessing the entire nursery site or focusing on specific rooms. This insightful analysis aids in strategic planning and informed decision-making.

User-Friendly heat maps

The user interface is thoughtfully designed for easy navigation, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all users. Whether you’re managing the nursery or need a quick overview, effortlessly switch between Availability and Density views to assess the nursery’s capacity.

Day-Specific Insights

For those seeking day-specific information, this feature offers a simple solution. A click into the calendar allows you to explore availability for any chosen day. Additionally, gain insights into which children have sessions booked for that day, providing a snapshot for better coordination.

Enhancing Nursery Management

Our heat maps help to simplify nursery management by offering detailed insights into space availability and occupancy percentages. This streamlined approach enhances operations and aids in childcare planning.