Report Designer

Optimised Data Management with Our Report Centre:

Unlock the full potential of your data management with our Report Centre and intuitive Report Designer. Extract a diverse range of information, including incident and allergy reports, effortlessly from the software.

Simplified Customisation with User-Friendly Report Designer:

Our report designer makes it easy for businesses to customise their software outputs with unique branding. With our designer, you can tailor each report to your preferences by incorporating your preferred colour scheme, logo, font, and watermark. We have a range of readily available reports that can be seamlessly integrated into your database within minutes. If you need a specific report we do not currently have, we can create it for you.

Quick and Custom Report Creation:

Furthermore, our report designer not only simplifies the process of customisation, but also empowers you to create your own reports. Once you’ve created your reports, you can easily print, email, or convert them to PDF format for convenient use.

Diverse Customisable Reports Beyond the Report Centre:

Beyond the Report Centre, our software boasts various customisable reports, including invoice templates, staff ID cards, and tablemats. Enjoy the flexibility of tailoring these reports to suit your unique needs, enhancing your overall data management experience.

This functionality is included in our Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.