Map and monitor the recruitment process

As a senior staff member, you have access to a highly effective and convenient recruitment tool within our software. The recruitment area is designed to help you keep up to date about the vacancies in your organisation.

With this feature, you can add all the necessary details about the job, including the job description, the required qualifications, and the responsibilities. This information is essential to ensure that potential candidates understand the role’s scope and requirements.

Furthermore, this area allows you to store all applicants’ information in one central location. This includes their contact information, references, and background checks. Making it easier for you to manage the recruitment process efficiently.

One of the most significant benefits of the recruitment area is that it allows you to change the stage of each applicant as they progress through the process. You can move them from the applied stage to invited for an interview, interviewed, or excluded. This feature helps you track the recruitment process and ensures fairness in the hiring process.

In addition, the recruitment area includes a feature that enables you to convert applicants into employees quickly. This simplifies the process and saves you time and effort.

Overall, the recruitment area is a powerful tool that streamlines the recruitment process and helps you manage all the necessary information in one place. With this feature, you can easily stay on top of the process and make informed decisions about hiring the right candidates for your organisation.