Managing holiday requests

Staff members can request time off using the touchscreen interface, which provides a convenient and user-friendly experience. Workstation users can then approve or deny these requests as needed.

The calendar feature is an integral part of the leave management system. Allowing you to view the number of staff who are off, as well as any closed days or bank holidays. This information makes it easy to plan ahead and make adjustments to staff hours accordingly.

Each day that a staff member is off is highlighted on the calendar to provide an at-a-glance overview of availability. The shading of the calendar darkens as more employees take time off. This makes it easy to identify the days when the majority of staff members are on leave. This feature is particularly useful for managers when they need to plan for staffing levels and ensure that there are enough staff members available to handle the workload.

In addition, staff members can check the status of their requests in the Staff Centre to see if they have been approved or rejected. is feature keeps staff members informed about their leave status, allowing them to effectively plan their work and personal lives.