Easily update contacts in bulk

Updating contact statuses becomes a hassle-free task with our user-friendly Global Changes feature. Effortlessly streamline the process, whether you’re handling Primary Contacts, Parents, Emergency Contacts, or managing communications for all , ensuring utmost convenience for you.

Streamlined Navigation and Enhanced Organisation of Contacts

Categorise contacts with absolute ease into essential categories like Primary, Emergency, Parents, and All. This categorisation ensures that you can swiftly locate and manage the specific contacts you need to update or modify.

Translucent Communication Requests for Seamless Interaction

The feature allows you to view communication requests effortlessly. These requests may originate from the initial family setup, standard communication preferences, or information provided through Registration forms. Rest assured, our system guarantees that you remain consistently informed about their communication preferences.

Tailored Communication Preferences for Versatile Interaction

One of the standout features of Global Changes is the ability to easily modify communication preferences. Whether it’s about receiving invoices, SMS notifications, daily reports, or other communication channels, you have the flexibility to customise these preferences based on individual needs.

Global Changes go beyond basic communication preferences; they enable you to update critical information such as emergency contact status and parental roles. You can specify their role, or indicate whether they are authorised to collect. This functionality ensures that your database is always up to date with the latest and most relevant information.