Capturing Leads and managing them

Lead management is a critical aspect of running a childcare business. By using a lead management system, you can efficiently track and manage potential contacts who have shown an interest. This tool provides a centralised location to store all the necessary information you need to obtain from parents. This could include their contact details, child information, and any bookings they may require.

The lead management system is highly customisable and allows you to progress leads through different stages of engagement. These stages could include booking a viewing, scheduling a visit to the setting, or scheduling a follow-up call. By tracking each lead’s progress, you can better understand which marketing and engagement strategies are most effective in converting leads.

The format of the leads can be customised to match your needs in progress of new families. For example, you can categorise the leads based on their level of interest, stage, or more. This allows you to have a better understanding of where each potential family is in their decision-making process and tailor your communication efforts accordingly.

Once a child starts attending your setting, you can convert their information into a child and family record. This feature ensures that you have a complete and accurate record of each child and family.

In summary, lead management is a powerful tool that can help streamline your childcare business operations and improve the quality of care you provide to children and families. By using a lead management system, you can efficiently manage and track potential leads through different stages of engagement, customise leads to match your engagement strategies, and maintain accurate records of each child and family.

This functionality is included in our Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.