Keep track of repairs and maintenance requests

Ensuring the safety of children and practitioners is crucial. Those in charge of public buildings, especially early years facilities, are responsible for a safe and well-kept environment. failing to maintain the building can result in poor working conditions, which can negatively impact employee morale and cause an increase in sick leave. Quick attention to repairs and maintenance is vital for a secure nursery. Octopus 365, a complete nursery management solution, helps efficiently manage these requests. .

Streamlining Repairs and Maintenance Requests:

Octopus 365 offers an intuitive interface for efficiently tracking and managing repairs and maintenance requests within the facility. This feature encompasses everything from minor repairs to more substantial concerns, thereby impacting the overall functionality of the building.

Comprehensive Documentation for Informed Decisions:

The software enables practitioners to document repairs and maintenance specifics, offering a comprehensive overview of the issue. This detailed documentation serves as a valuable resource for in-house maintenance teams and external contractors, ensuring accurate communication and effective problem resolution.

Visual Documentation for Enhanced Communication:

Octopus 365 goes beyond by allowing users to attach pictures of maintenance areas, aiding precise problem identification and facilitating clearer communication between practitioners and maintenance personnel for faster and more accurate issue resolution.

Proactive Maintenance Planning for Optimal Facility Functionality:

Beyond addressing immediate concerns, Octopus 365 enables nursery practitioners to plan for preventive maintenance. Proactively schedule routine inspections and repairs to identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate, guaranteeing a safer and more conducive environment for all.

This functionality is included in our Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.