Have confidence with our Intelligent checklists

Maintaining a safe and secure space for children is of utmost importance. Octopus 365 not only streamlines daily tasks but also prioritises safety through intelligent checklists. This article explores how Octopus 365 transforms safety measures within nurseries, optimising the way managers oversee responsibilities.

Intelligent Checklists for Enhanced Safety:

Using checklists is fundamental to ensuring a safe and secure environment within a nursery setting. Octopus 365 takes this practice to the next level, offering intelligent checklists that serve various purposes, from ensuring room safety to preparing kitchens and aiding managers in their daily tasks.

Ensuring Room Safety:

Smart checklists in Octopus 365 cover room safety thoroughly. They help staff follow important safety rules, including emergency exits, electrical safety, and childproofing measures. When these checklists are systematically completed, nursery staff play a vital role in making sure the environment is safe for the children they care for.

Streamlined Kitchen Preparation:

Kitchen safety is a critical component of nursery management, and Octopus 365 recognises this by incorporating intelligent checklists for kitchen preparation. From checking equipment functionality to ensuring proper storage of food items, these checklists guide staff in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment in the nursery kitchen.

Task Management for Managers:

Managers play a vital role in overseeing the daily operations of a nursery. Octopus 365’s intelligent checklists assist managers in staying on top of their tasks. These checklists encompass a variety of responsibilities, ensuring that nursery management efficiently addresses every aspect.

Proactive Safety Measures:

To strengthen safety, Octopus 365 actively empowers nursery administrators, granting them the authority to block children’s check-in until the required checklists are complete. This proactive measure guarantees a thorough inspection of the building, definitively confirming its safety before accommodating children for the day. Consequently, this additional layer of security not only reassures staff but also provides peace of mind for parents. Furthermore, this systematic approach enhances overall safety protocols within the nursery environment.

Digital Efficiency and Workstation Visibility:

Once a checklist is completed, Octopus 365 conveniently displays the results on the Workstation. This digital efficiency eliminates the need for paper copies and the manual erasure of results from a board at the end of the day. With real-time visibility, managers can easily track who completed the checklist, promoting accountability and transparency in nursery safety procedures.


Within nurseries, safety is non-negotiable. Octopus 365’s intelligent checklists streamline daily tasks and elevate safety measures. From room safety to kitchen preparation and managerial responsibilities, Octopus 365 empowers nurseries to proactively ensure a secure environment for every child. Embrace the future of nursery safety with Octopus 365 – where innovation meets peace of mind.

This functionality is included in our Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.