Send text messages

Ensuring effective communication should be uncomplicated. Octopus 365 offers a direct method for sending text messages, making the transmission of essential information a seamless process.

Integrated SMS Service for Seamless Communication

Our integrated SMS service eliminates concerns about additional charges. Additionally, it allows you to seamlessly send text messages to your contacts. This uncomplicated approach guarantees the swift delivery of time-sensitive information, thereby fostering a more connected nursery community.

Simplified Bulk Messaging with Octopus 365

With Octopus 365’s Communications module, sending bulk text messages becomes a breeze. Additionally, effortlessly broadcast messages to a broad audience and filter recipients based on specific criteria for targeted communication. This simplicity in mass messaging significantly enhances your ability to reach your contacts quickly.

Tailored Communication for Precision

Tailor your messages effortlessly with Octopus 365. Moreover, refine recipient lists based on site, specific rooms, or booking days, ensuring precise communication. This adaptability proves invaluable for site-specific announcements or updates on particular booking days, effectively connecting you with the right individuals or groups.

Elevating Nursery Communication

Octopus 365 serves as a practical solution for enhancing communication in nurseries. The combination of streamlined messaging, integrated SMS services, and user-friendly features simplifies communication management. Experience the ease of nursery management with Octopus 365, where communication is simple and effective, keeping your nursery connected and responsive.

This functionality is included in our Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.