Know when contacts have opened your emails

Octopus 365 introduces effective email tracking, a solution to ensure your essential messages are not just sent but also successfully received.

Have you ever had someone mention they missed an important email despite double-checking the address? It can be frustrating, especially when the email involves critical information like overdue payments or important reminders?

Unraveling the Mystery of Missing Emails

One possible explanation for this issue is that the recipient may have accidentally marked the sender’s email as spam.

However, another reason could be that the recipient did receive and view the email but claimed they did not, which can be particularly troublesome when dealing with outstanding invoices.

Seamless Integration for Reliable Email Tracking & Delivery

To avoid such incidents, Octopus 365 integrates seamlessly with Mandrill API. Mandrill specialises in sending transactional, triggered, and personalised emails while providing detailed tracking insights, and whether they’ve been opened by the recipient.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Email Monitoring: Octopus 365’s integration with Mandrill API introduces a useful Communication Audit feature. Keep a clear record of all outgoing emails, monitor their delivery status, and check if they’ve been opened by the recipient.
  • Tracking for Clarity: No more wondering. Track your emails from the sender to the recipient’s inbox. Know when an email is delivered and, importantly, when it’s opened.
  • Communication Assurance: Octopus 365’s integration provides the confidence that your important communications are not only sent but also received. Eliminate disputes about email delivery with a comprehensive log of every outgoing email’s journey.

Ensure your crucial emails not only leave your outbox but also arrive at their destination reliably. Octopus 365, backed by Mandrill API, is your solution for reliable, trackable, and transparent email communication. Simplify your processes and communication today.

This functionality is included in our Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum packages.