Managing Room Moves

Octopus 365 simplifies nursery management, handling diverse ages and daily dynamics. Streamline with automatic age-based transitions, easy room moves, and efficient bulk operations.

Automatic Age-Based Room Transitions: A Set-and-Forget Approach

Octopus 365 brings forth an intelligent feature that organises children into different rooms based on their age automatically. This set-and-forget system guarantees seamless execution of age-based room transitions, enabling nursery managers to concentrate on delivering the best care and learning environment for their charges.

Ad-Hoc Room Moves: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Plans change, and nurseries must adapt. Octopus 365 caters to the spontaneity of nursery life by providing a user-friendly manual room move option. Effortlessly move children between rooms with a simple click, enabling real-time adjustments to accommodate the ebb and flow of daily activities.

Efficient Bulk Room Moves: Saving Time, Boosting Productivity

Octopus 365 introduces a bulk room moves feature, facilitating nursery managers in seamlessly relocating multiple children simultaneously. This not only conserves valuable administrative time but also guarantees a well-coordinated and efficient approach to room management. Moreover, this streamlined process significantly enhances overall organisational effectiveness, contributing to a smoother daily workflow. Additionally, the implementation of this feature aligns with the platform’s commitment to advancing operational efficiency and underscores its dedication to supporting nursery management.

Time-Saving Excellence: Prioritising What Matters Most

Octopus 365 isn’t just about features; it’s about reclaiming time to prioritise a nurturing, educational environment. By reducing administrative tasks, nursery managers can focus on crafting enriching experiences for the children in their care.

This functionality is included in all of our packages.