Comprehensive child record keeping

The child record is a comprehensive and centralised storage solution for all the important information related to a child. This can save you time and effort by providing a single location where you can keep track of everything you need to know about a child. In addition to standard information, the child record provides an option to add notes and attach documents if needed.

With the child record, you can securely keep track of all the essential information regarding sessions, medical history, allergies, consent, and any other important details. You can also generate numerous reports, including reports on all children with special educational needs (SEN) or all children with allergies from the information stored in the child record.

Anything logged on the Touchscreen application, such as nappy changes or accidents/incidents, is viewable in the child record. It also helps to ensure that staff members have access to the most up-to-date information about the child.

In summary, the child record is a one-stop-shop for all the information that you could possibly need to know about a child. It provides a secure and centralised location for storing all information related to the child. With the child record, you can rest assured that all essential information is in one place and easily accessible whenever required.

This functionality is included in all of our packages.