Pebbles Day Nursery

Octopus 365 has been taking care of my team and me for almost a decade now. We own two large nurseries and rely on Octopus for almost all our requirements. Their team is always available to us, even on weekends, regardless of the time of day or night.

Octopus currently provides us with our nursery software and IT support, as well as CCTV, Paxton Door Entry, and Intercoms. When our contract with our current internet and telecoms provider expires, we plan to switch to Octopus for those services as well.

Octopus is the perfect solution for us because we have a single contact number and can speak to someone who knows our business, how we work, and our preferences. This makes everything much easier for us. Octopus has all the knowledge and expertise to resolve any problem, whether it’s related to software, computers, or anything else. We can always rely on them to sort out any issues we might have.

In the past, we used to pay for maintenance on our CCTV and Paxton System separately. However, with Octopus, everything is covered under one umbrella, which is not only cost-effective but also incredibly convenient. It’s such a relief not to worry about two separate bills and to have all the necessary support in one place.