Buttercups Nursery School

Buttercups found us in 2015 and had a number of challenges for us to embrace! It was the first nursery we had encountered that was a “pack away” setting. The nursery was run from a community building that was very inflexible, we couldn’t even order a fixed landline to the building to get internet installed!

They used mobile phones for calls and a MIFI, which is a shared internet device you would use when you go camping!

We installed the nursery software on a pretty poor laptop computer which still helped Buttercups overcome issues they had with record keeping. We did try and use tablet computers to run the touchscreen, but considering the wireless network was limited to a MIFI device, it was always going to be difficult.

In the end, the customer used the “touchscreen” on their laptop and this worked fine as it eliminated the need for wireless completely.

Over the years, due to Buttercups’ popularity, they moved to a bespoke custom build nursery and we could deliver absolutely everything we offer.