Disaster Recovery

Don’t risk losing everything! Your data is your most valuable asset, and any loss could be catastrophic.

That’s why Octopus 365 is here to help.

With our robust backup and disaster recovery capabilities, powered by Veeam, we’re the ultimate guardians of your data. Don’t wait until it’s too late – choose us today and rest easy knowing your precious data is in good hands. We understand that when disaster strikes, every second counts. That’s why we’ve partnered with Veeam, the industry leader in backup solutions, to protect your data with unmatched ease and efficiency.

Features of our Disaster Recovery:

  • Fast Recovery: Downtime is a villain we don’t entertain. With Veeam’s lightning-fast recovery options, we ensure your business is back up and running within moments, not hours.
  • Data Loss Avoidance: Regular backups are vital, but they’re just the starting point. Our Veeam services streamline disaster recovery, replicating and securely storing data for seamless continuity.
  • Verified: We don’t just back up your data and call it a day. Veeam’s automated testing for backup and disaster recovery allows us to verify the recoverability of every file, application, and server, delivering peace of mind that’s as reliable as our service.
  • Visibility: Our monitoring and alerting tools keep a vigilant eye on your backup and recovery activities, preempting any issues before they become problems.
  • Easy: Veeam’s flexible management simplifies backup and recovery, freeing you to focus on growth.

Why Octopus 365?

We are Veeam partners who specialise in data protection. Our team is here to ensure that your business runs smoothly without any hiccups, no matter what life throws your way.

With Veeam’s strong reputation for enterprise backup and disaster recovery, combined with our expert management and impeccable customer service, Octopus 365 stands as the defender between your business and any potential data disaster.

Don’t wait for the unexpected to reveal the chinks in your data armour. Contact us today, and let Octopus 365 empower your business with the resilience it deserves. Because when it comes to data threats, it’s not about if but when – and we make sure you’re ready.