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Welcome to our CCTV Cost Estimator! This tool is designed to give you a quick and convenient estimate of the potential costs of installing a CCTV system. Please note that this calculator provides an approximate cost and should be used as a general guide. We recommend contacting our expert team directly for a detailed and accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.

We base our estimates on the Hikvision professional range of products. We are estimating 30 metres for each camera (on average, its work out between 25 and 35 metres.

The cameras are all Hikvision 4-megapixel cameras capable of 4K images. The external cameras are motorised verifocal, which we recommend as the zoom can be changed easily after installing the cameras.

The system and all cameras have a 3-year warranty, and we guarantee our installation for 10 years.

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CCTV Estimator
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