Access Control & Intercoms

Octopus 365’s Paxton Net2 Access Control system provides a secure environment tailored to the unique needs of nurseries to keep children safe and give peace of mind to parents and practitioners.

Why Paxton for Nurseries?

Paxton is the perfect access control system for nurseries and schools providing security and management in one easy to use solution. Octopus 365 has harnessed this power to create a safe and secure environment for children.

  • Tailored Access Rights: Authorise specific entry times for staff, parents, and service personnel with individual access rights.
  • Integrated to our Nursery Management Software: Staff can manage staff access and controls without learning Net2. They can do this straight from the Staff record in our software.
  • Integrated Video Intercoms: Ensuring that no unauthorised person can slip through the cracks, Paxton also offers video intercom capabilities for secure, visual verification before granting access.
  • Event Reporting: Detailed event logging for a complete and traceable audit trail.
  • Scalable Solutions: Net2 supports hundreds of doors. So you don’t have to worry about outgrowing the solution.
  • UK-built and supported: Paxton is readily available in the UK through multiple friendly distributors.
  • 5 Year Warranty. Paxton and Octopus 365 offer a 5-year warranty that covers unexpected issues that may arise.

Octopus 365 has carved a niche in installing access control systems within sensitive environments such as nurseries. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Bespoke Installation: Recognising that no two nurseries are the same, Octopus 365 provide bespoke installation services, ensuring that the system aligns perfectly with the unique layout and needs of each setting.
  • Minimised Disruption: Weekend installations to avoid business disruption.
  • Comprehensive Training: Beyond installation, Octopus 365 offers comprehensive training to nursery staff, empowering them to manage the system with confidence.
  • Unrivalled Support: We provide quick technical support and maintenance, and keep your system secure with updates.

The Final Word

For nurseries, the Paxton Net2 system installed by Octopus 365 isn’t just a security measure – it’s an investment in peace of mind for parents, staff, and nursery owners.